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Multi-Purpose Active

TERM-seal Multi-Purpose Active is a highly engineered acrylic polymer-based liquid which upon curing forms a seamless, flexible, Termite resistant and waterproof membrane. Containing the active control agent Bifenthrin, this agent is modelled on Mother Nature's own insecticide pyrethrum (extracted from the pyrethrum daisy) which kills and repels Termites.


Applied by brush, roller or heavy duty airless spray gun, applications include:

  • Backfilled wall for combined Termite / Waterproofing protection

  • Termite protection for internal walls converted into lined living areas i.e.: subfloors, basements, garages, etc.

  • Internal wet areas

  • Construction joints, step downs, cavities, any area where an effective Termite and or waterproof barrier is required.


Key features for TERM-seal Multi-Purpose Active

  • Combined Termite / Waterproofing protection

  • Independently appraised by CSIRO

  • CodeMark certified

  • APVMA registered

  • Complies to AS3660.1 for Termite protection

  • Complies to AS3740-2004 and AS/NZS4858-2004 when applied as a wet area membrane in internal and external applications

  • 20 year product warranty in external applications

  • No costly ongoing retreatment's

  • Highly cost competitive

  • 100% Australian owned, designed and manufactured

  • Certified environmentally friendly under the Future Friendly Program of CertMark Aust.

  • Installer nationally by trained and accredited installers

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