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Chemical Soil Treatments

Chemical Soil Treatments

Chemical soil treatments have been used to protect homes for decades, including during house construction. While construction has moved to more physical barrier installations, chemical soil treatments remain as the more ‘traditional’ way to protect existing homes.

What is involved?

Soil areas will need to have a trench dug to the footing of the building to allow for treatment while backfilling and returning to normal.

Concrete areas will need to be drilled to allow for chemical to be injected into the soil below before being capped with a plug.

Which Chemical?

All Pest QLD is accredited for a range of chemical products to protect your home, including both repellent and non-repellent options.

Repellent chemicals are the oldest form of protection against termites and provide a barrier that turns termites away from your home.

Non-repellent chemicals such as Termidor® provide a treated zone that termites can not sense and continue to forage through while being coated in it and passing it on to other termites through social grooming.

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