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The requirement to co-ordinate multiple tradespeople to complete the one multi-faceted task can be the absolute bain of any Body Corporate or Property Manager. 

At All Pest QLD, we are a one-stop shop for your termite and/or pest control needs for Units, Townhouses and Complexes.  We are here to take the headache away and provide a rapid response to every enquiry.  

Our technicians will guide you and your tenants through the mine field of understanding between each party's responsibilities.  We provide high level service and expertise to eradicate your pest problems; and to ensure the jobs run as smoothly and efficiently as possible across all parties.

Who is responsible for which areas?

The Strata or Body Corporate is generally responsible for any pest inspection, prevention and treatment work on common property areas such as car parks, recreational zones, hallways, staircases. 

A lot owner or tenants are responsible for any pest inspection and treatment work that is needed within the interior of the property.

Both parties should be fully aware of the current pest control requirements as well as who is responsible if issues arise and what costs are incurred.  Contact us today how we can help you navigate through this process and eradicate your pest problems.

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